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A superb range of terrestrial bromeliad originating from the coastal forests of Chile, with evergreen long grey green leaves turning a fiery crimson red in autumn, around a dense corymb of blue flowers when mature enough. Fascicularia form nice clumping plants that are drought and abuse tolerant, making them ideal for patio and conservatory planters. An Ideal plant for windy coastal areas having a high salt and wind tolerance, where they can be used in permanent border planting schemes giving all year structure. Plants need to be protected from hard frost, and prolonged cold spells with a cold green house/conservatory being sufficient, but can remain outside in milder winters.

 Our Fascicularia Bi-Colour Pitcairnifolia, was collected from the RHS Botanical gardens, Tresco,Isle of Scilly, Cornwall, and it is supposed to have originally arrived on the island from sailors returning from journeys taking them into contact with the island of Pitcairn (mutiny on the Bounty) where the plant grows un fettled having been introduced by passing mariners. Pitcairn has broader leaves than Bi-Colour that are a sliver grey in colour where as Bi-Colour has almost grass like foliage making both very pretty evergreen planter subjects, that are allot more child friendly than Agaves.

Fascicularia Bi-Colour