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I have been growing gingers for well over 15 years now and have gained allot of experience in their care here in the UK. The obsession first started with a garden in middle town on St Martins in the Scilly Isles Cornwall, where a friend asked if In return for clearing his neighbours cottage garden I would like the plant growing in it,whilst being on holiday it was not an ideal proposition though I agreed to have a look. And seeing this beautiful plant in flower and the heady fragrance Lofting around there was only one answer!

Since then my collection was expanded by taking on the remains of the then National collection held by Spencer Mills in Devon, the main part of the collection having gone to Bristol Zoo and depleted. Since then a new national collection has been created and is now held in Chichester, West Sussex, by Mr Andrew Gaunt: http://www.chichestergingers.co.uk . Over time I have assisted with the collection held within the RHS Botanical Gardens on Tresco, Isle Of Scilly, Cornwall, and supplied the plants used in a display along side the Palm House in the RHS Royal Botanical Gardens Kew,  Whilst gingers are very susceptible to natural hybridisation there are a few people who breed new varieties, such as Tom Wood and Dr Moy who have produced some fabulous plants.

The Hedychium (heh-DIK-ee-um) “ornamental gingers” are one of the most spectacular plants of the Zingiberaceae family, which includes plants like Curcuma, Alpinia and Zingiber. All our plants are grown “cold” under glass with no heating at all, I have known the pots to be completely frozen solid in exceptional years, the main trick is to keep them on the dry side over the winter. We self-propagate our own plants and we have our own stock plants being field grown in the Scillies. Though unlike Cannas Hedychium will not generally flower the same year as being propagated due to their dislike of root disturbance, but with many of them coming from high altitudes in India they are pretty tough customers! Whilst some flower more readily than others under cold conditions, the foliage is still a valuable addition to a jungle garden and they are good costal plants being able to take salty conditions. Hedychium’s can be seen growing in several gardens in the UK: RHS Botanical Garden at Wakehurst Place in Sussex. RHS Botanical Abbey Gardens, Tresco, Isle of Scilly, Cornwall, and The Royal Botanical Gardens Kew..

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