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Hedychium Yellow Fever
Gardnerianum "Tresco Hyb"
Hedychium Aurantiacum
Hedychium Kewense

Hedychium Coronarium var Chrysolecum


Similar characteristics to Coronarium producing stout red shoots in spring. Heavily scented white and lemon flowers and salmon pink columns are produced on sturdy stems during august. It does however appear to be more vigorous, hardy and flowers slightly earlier.

Plant rhizomes on arrival.

Best planted in full sun or light shade in moist humus rich soil.

Pots should be over wintered under cover or wrapped with fleece, and kept on the dry side over winter. Water well and feed regularly when in growth.

Mulch garden plants and pots with wood chips.

This plant is attractive to bees.


Hedychium Coronarium var Chrysolecum


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